Location Kilifi County - Mombasa Road
Location Kilifi County - Mombasa Road
Our Vision to Grow Better

We get food
from ITALY!

“At Spoleto Food,
we understand that food is life,
and life is food.”

Quality Food Advisory
We know that food is more than a product – it’s nourishment that comes from consuming quality.
Let our no-cost, obligation-free advisory service guide your food products selection.
Elevate Your Procurement,
Enjoy Savings!

At Spoleto Food, we've redefined procurement, and we invite you to experience the difference. Join our community today; it's FREE, and you'll immediately see the tangible benefits and savings we bring to your organisation.

Ethos of Excellence
for Unbeatable Deals

Consistency, thoroughness, and approachability define our work ethos at Spoleto Food. This reputation for excellence extends to our valued suppliers, as we're all integral members of a unified team working tirelessly towards a common objective: securing the best possible deals for our members.

Versatile Expertise

Our extensive experience spans diverse sectors, including not-for-profits, government entities, and commercial businesses. Committed to unwavering compliance and nurturing lasting relationships, we ensure that we diligently pinpoint the perfect solution for your organisation.


From Italy

We meticulously source top-tier food from Italy, recognizing it not merely as sustenance but as the very essence of life, delivering unparalleled quality.

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Procurement Philosophy

Every day, we live our philosophy by procuring high-quality food at cost-effective prices, ensuring member satisfaction.

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Foodservice Benefits

Our Foodservice solution offers one-stop purchasing, strong industry partnerships, enhanced efficiency, and stable national pricing on premium food products.

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