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At Spoleto Food, we've redefined procurement, and we invite you to experience the difference. Join our community today; it's FREE, and you'll immediately see the tangible benefits and savings we bring to your organisation. Consistency, thoroughness, and approachability define our work ethos at Spoleto Food. This reputation for excellence extends to our valued suppliers, as we're all integral members of a unified team working tirelessly towards a common objective: securing the best possible deals for our members. Our extensive experience spans diverse sectors, including not-for-profits, government entities, and commercial businesses. Committed to unwavering compliance and nurturing lasting relationships, we ensure that we diligently pinpoint the perfect solution for your organisation. At Spoleto Food, our foundation is built on being member-led, a trait we wear with pride. Regardless of your industry or the size of your organisation, we're committed to your needs and dedicated to fulfilling them. At Spoleto Food, we "get it." Make sourcing food supplies even simpler Balancing the supplies needs and wants of everyone poses a significant challenge for any purchasing manager or procurement specialist. Whether the need is for essentials, like canned tomatoes or olive oil, the key to successful supply chain management is superior planning, excellent supplier relationships and astute forward planning. At Spoleto Food we’re thrilled to say we can supply all this and more through our updated workplace supplies member contract food supplies at unbeatable consolidated member-only prices, all in one convenient location. With competitive pricing from trusted suppliers, streamlined ordering and logistics, and tailored on-the-ground support from local service staff, we’re helping to make sourcing your food supplies simpler than ever before. Quality Food Delivered Kenya-wide When it comes to sourcing the highest quality food services for our members, we don’t leave anything to chance. We only work with the most trusted Kenyan and recognised brands to deliver over 100 million/KES in quality food nationwide each year. Our passionate team is committed to delivering the highest quality food services at market-beating prices, all while minimising waste at every step of the supply process. With decades of invaluable experience providing members in diverse sectors – including aged care, not-for-profit, and schools – we use our buying power and deep industry knowledge to identify and supply all our members’ food services needs. We know that food is more than a product – it’s nourishment that comes from consuming quality. Let our no-cost, obligation-free advisory service guide your food products selection.